Reviews of "Took All the Sunshine"

“This track contains extremely smooth jazz rhythm with hypnotic vocals and haunting guitar. It sounds like it could be found on the Vampire Lestat's record player on a warm New Orleans night. The tones seem to travel the way they would through thick hot air. Lyrically the track is very intriguing and appealing. There is a certain mystery and supernatural element within t hem.”

“nice acoustic intro with a sweet bass. Very well recorded you can tell right away that you guys have the equipment and skill to pull out some really good tunes. The guitar player is skilled and sexy. The melody is wonderful, full of flavor and energy. The drummer knows exactly what to do for this type of song!”

“I like it. The mix overall is good. I like the lyrics and the singer's delivery of them. I think this has potential to be played in movies or a T.V. series. The sound quality is great. Sound like it could easily played live and sound just as great.”

“Harmony is key in this song. It plays well with the entire song and makes it overall better. I love this song. It makes me happy and I would recommend it to a lot of people. I can see this song being a radio hit. The singer's voice is strong, hard- hitting and powerful. It is a unique type of voice, making the song unique as well. The guitar chords are simple yet work for the lyrics and song in a whole. The singer seems to have a blues and jazz type of song which is great for a women. I like the swing of the rhythm. The lyrics may need to be a little more louder so that they are not drown out by the instruments. I would recommend this song to all of my friends who like this genre of music. Overall this is an excellent song. The refrain "you took our sunshine" is catchy and makes sense and is emotional which will attract more emotional fans and followers of the band. I do not know what else to say. This is a great song. A radio hit! The melody and harmony are great, the lyrics are great and the hook makes sense with what it says.”

“Love the rocking of the guitar. The song has an old feel to it that I adore. Its a great song that could easily turn into a sing along. The singer has a lot of personality in her voice, like a Broadway play song, it sounds like the singer is telling a true story.”

“The enchanting sound of this song is intensified by the witchy sound of the vocalist. The song seems quite spell bounding when you listen to the lyrics, The guitars slow pace helps to keep the eeriness of the song alive. The tone of the vocalist Is a little haunting which keeps the style of the song and fits the lyrics perfectly.”

“Slow and smooth beginning. I could hear this on a jazz channel. That lead guitar adds an almost 60s feel to the end portion of the verses. Lyrically this is an interesting song, and the singer's voice compliments the instrumental and rhythm perfectly. With a song like this, an even tempo works to put the emphasis on the lyrics, not the drummer's capabilities. I like the second singer too, maybe they should come in during all the choruses, them just coming into the last chorus is a bit unexpected.”

“Right away I knew I enjoyed the artists choice of instruments. It had a rich, entrancing sound. Bouncy, but served its purpose of setting the darker mood. Honestly, I think the instrumentals were my favorite part. But, dont get me wrong, the vocals were splendid as well. They had this sort of "classic" feel to it, and it went perfectly with the backdrop. The womans voice is very unique, and she hits interesting tones. The chosen lyrics compliment her voice great as well. All in all, i'd for sure listen to this song, and this artist again in the future. I look forward to more melodies by this artist. Keep 

 Reviews of "Escape from Crete"
“folk oriented stuff always makes me happy. actually the harmonies go more into the bluesy area, which is a good mixture between the two. both male and female vocals sit nicely in the mix and i think that song should be a massive tune in the united states. talented guys”

“I like the duet, with both male and female. The sound is very unique, and very dark. I like the lyric "Instead of sharing his talents, he kept them by his side". I'm not sure what to think about breaking free from his chains and so forth. The song almost makes me have a feeling of the "Medeivil" era. Vocals are good, because there unique. Instrumentally, the song could use a few fixings.”

“I like the funky feeling you get with this song. It 's sort of a mixture between pop and country which makes it very original. I like the doubled vocals and harmonies as they compliment well against each other. I like the lyrics as they are current and relevent toward the target market. Some commerciality as the tune is fairly catchy and makes you tap your foot along to the beat. It 's more like a background noise sound, something on while you work. Very tuneful and original.”

“The progression sound like a dirge. Is there a way to make the strumming fuller or something? The song plods along. I think the actual song has potential, but as it is it sounds too dirge-ish. The harmonies are good. The vocals also sound like they are tired or something. Maybe try singing louder or with more enunciation. Good luck”

“Great little introductory piece on the guitars. Very atmospheric and a great walking pace tempo to set up ready for the song. Dual vocals are a clever central part of this song so well done on that. Particularly the male and female voices harmonising with one another. Lyrics are good if a little clich. So a solid song, nicely done if not perfect”

“This song feels very bluesy. I really like the melodies between the male and female voices and he acoustic feel to the song. I can imagine this being sung in the middle of the desert in America on someone's porch! There's a lot of variety in the tune and melodies, which is unusual for a blues song- but very good! I like that there are periods of instrumental, it breaks the song up.”

“This song has a slinky bouncy fun novelty sound .. the strings give it a touch of class ... the voices blend well together .. the melody is strong and holds the song together .. the tune's groovy bouncy rhythm is pretty creative .. the lyrics are very captivating .. the story tells colorful pictures .. it's like a classical/rock hybrid .. all the instrumentation sounds excellent .. I think this song is commercial and ready for marketing .. it can work as alternative, blues, folk, eclectic and psychedelic.”

“this reminded me of the song people are strange loved that song,this is more country and western very catch music good vocals could see this being played on the radio as its very catchy and gets your feet tapping!.”

“The introduction sounds interesting and the beats help to create a scene for the song. The melody is really enjoyable to listen to. The singers sound very modern but have a classic style of singing, which will help this song appeal to many different age groups. The lyrics are crystal clear and come across as really creative and original, which will be a big help commercially. The instrumental performances are subtle yet engaging.”

“the overall production and recording quality isn't of the highest, sounds really basic and at times rather sloppy. maybe the use of more professional equipment would give a drive that could make this band hit a much higher potential. the vocals from what i can hear sound very raw but at the same time very powerful, very stylish. as are also the lyrics, very thought provoking and really well written.”

“i thought the introduction to this song was just downright adorable, i loved the fact that it was introduced with the strum of a guitar, all the chords were strung to perfection, but what really caught my attention was the banjo in the background! i think that 's what it 's called anyway, no drums just a really suthern instrument, i feel like this is the kind of song you'd listen to if you were camping and you were sitting around a campfire with your family and friends, you'd actually sing it all together instead of listening to it, when the vocals are introduced, which is almost instantly; i didn't realise there was 2 people singing, a male and a female, i think their voices go perfect together, perfect harmony, even if they don't really hit the high notes and there pitches are a little off, i feel like the males vocals are more along the lines of telling a story through his lyrics while the women's are for carrying the tune and the tone, but i think the acoustics are great and the lyrics are really something, great and family friendly, i don't however think this is radio material but i do hope it comes in a tv advert sometime, it has some commercial value to it.”

“I found this song quite calm and relaxing at the start! The guitar was a great opener it was well played and in great tune! The duet was just amazing just made the song even better. There voices really match and went well tougher ,Loved how the guitar in the background was constant it went well with the amazing voices”

“The guitar at the start creates rhythm and structure. The use of a violin adds to the structure and creates originality. The lyrics are meaningful. The use of two vocals at the same time is quite creative. The tone of the lyrics are strong and powering. I like the use of the violin to create originality in the instrument. Only thing needed for improvement is to add a piano acoustic to make it well rounded.”